“We have over 30 vehicles that are filled by Zebra. They fill all the vehicles within 40 minutes in one go. This is a huge cost and time saving for us. Our other option was to have on-site tanks. This would have taken us over 2 hours to move and fill each vehicle.”

Phillip from Chariot

What do we do?

Zebra Fuel provides scheduled fuel deliveries to businesses in London

Welcome to a world without petrol stations

Why use us?

  • We charge less per litre than London petrol stations. You just pay for the fuel, no delivery fees
  • We come directly to your vehicles, saving you and your team valuable time
  • You can track your orders easily and get a single invoice, so no more messing around with receipts and fuel cards

Do 780 fill-ups a year

Waste 390 hours in traffic

At £10 p/h that’s £3,900 wasted

Based on our cheaper fuel prices you would save a further £1,170

Need our services?

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